Friday, September 24, 2010

OSB test console not working

In past few days I felt that most of the people working on Oracle Service Bus face a common problem - Test console is not working. In my last post OSB 11g ( Test console not working I explained one of the few possible reasons why this problem may occur. Now in this post I would like to discuss it in detail.

There may be two kind of OSB domains -

1. Single Server Topology (where there is only one server in the domain - Admin server)
2. Clustered/Multi Server Topology (where OSB is deployed on a cluster which have one or more than one managed servers participating in it)

If test console is not opening up in a single server topology domain, then make sure -

i) Listen address of admin server is set to either of localhost/ of machine/host name of machine
ii) All applications of OSB are properly deployed on admin server and in active mode (you may check it on Deployments section of weblogic admin console)

If test console is not opening up in a clustered topology, then make sure -

i) Listen address of cluster is set properly
ii) At least one server of the cluster is up and running
iii) All applications of OSB are deployed on cluster in active mode

Above checklist is applicable for both 10g and 11g.


  1. Please help ...

    We are able to install and bring up Oracle Service Bus 11gR1.

    When the architecture of installed Oracle Service Bus 11g R1 has only the Admin server, we are able to login to the sbconsole and console,

    But our as per our current architecture requirement we need to have Admin server and 2 Managed servers with Cluster between them.

    In this situation we are unable to get the sbconsole to login. Could we please get some inputs on how to bring up the sbconsole?

    Thanks in advance !!


  2. @Sachin,

    Please raise a thread in SOA suite forum -

    Go to Deployments section on Weblogic Admin Console and make sure that application "ServiceBus_Console" is in active state.

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