Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Installing Oracle B2B Document Editor 11g (

Oracle B2B Document Editor is an integral part of the Oracle B2B product. You may use Oracle B2B Document Editor to create and to implement guidelines for Oracle B2B custom document definitions.

In this post I will discuss that how to install Oracle B2B Document Editor. First of all you have to download Oracle B2B Document Editor ( from here. Oracle B2B Document Editor runs on Microsoft Windows only so you will find installable for windows version only on the download link.

There are three zip files (total size is almost 4GB) which you need to download –

Now right click on first zip file ( and extract it into a local directory. I extracted its content in D:\OracleB2BDocEditor

Similarly extract the content of other two zip files in the SAME (D:\OracleB2BDocEditor) directory. Now you should see below structure under directory D:\OracleB2BDocEditor –

Inside directory “D:\OracleB2BDocEditor\Multisetup”, you should be able to find below files –

Inside directory “D:\OracleB2BDocEditor\Oracle B2B”, you should be able to find below files –

 Inside directory “D:\OracleB2BDocEditor\Standards”, you should find below structure –

If above all is correct then run the “Install.exe” (D:\OracleB2BDocEditor\Install.exe). It would open up the Oracle B2B document editor installation wizard –

Select “Oracle B2B” and click on “Next”. It will take you to the screen where it will show all the operations which will be performed –

Click on “Next” and installshield wizard for Oracle B2B will get opened –

I changed the installation directory because on Vista you may face access issues if you install it in Program Files directory.

Once done with selection, click on “Install” and it should install Oracle B2B Document Editor in your machine.

Now Standards Installation will start automatically –

You may install the standards locally or a network drive (for sharing purpose). I installed them locally.

Now I will change the installation directory to a subdirectory of Document Editor Installation directory (it is an optional configuration. You may keep the default location value) –

Once done with selection, click on “Install” to install the standard.

Now you have to repeat above standard installation steps for each and every standard. Installation prompt will keep opening up one by one and you have to repeat the steps.

It may take almost 25 minutes to get all the standards installed. Once all the standards will get installed, you will be prompted with the result –

Make sure that “Result” is “Ok” for all operations. You are finish with the installation process now.

You may run “D:\OFMW11g\OracleDocEditor\SpecBuilder.exe” to start the Oracle B2B Document Editor.


  1. Hey Anuj,

    This is excellent work you are doing. keep it up!

    1. Hello Anuj,
      Do you have an updated version of the installation procedure for Oracle Document Editor?
      When I run install.exe at the top level, it install XML automotive. So I went into the Oracle Document Editor folder and ran setup.exe to install it.
      After I installed the latest version, it installed Oracle Document Editor and I run specbuilder.exe (powered by Edifecs) but the B2B healthcare tutorials don't match as this looks like a completely different version.
      Thanks a lot for all of your great help!

  2. Hi Anuj,

    I am new to B2B. Can you please tell me how to integrate B2B with BPEL for exchanging simple xml files with the trading partners.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. You have many options here but simplest is B2B adapter in 11g. Raise a thread in Oracle B2B forum and I shall discuss it in detail there.

  4. you are just awesome Anuj !

  5. Hi Anuj

    First of all Good work!
    I had been working on soa applications but never been to b2b.
    But now i need to work on b2b using 11g.

    Below is some information regarding our SOA environment.
    SOA suite
    AIA 2.5
    Machine - Sun
    OS - Solaris 10
    Database - Oracle 11gR2
    To talk to:
    SqlServer 2008
    Oracle EBS (Datebase 10gR2)
    We have decided to run B2B on a 11G SOA install. We don’t have this up and running yet .

    So what are the components need to be installed for b2b in 11g?
    I had seen thru e delivery for
    Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Media Pack for Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
    got some downloads there,but i want to know which components to be installed,i had looked at some blogs saying b2bconsole,Oracle B2B Document Editor.

    I want to check with you what all are neccessary?

  6. Hi Bhushan,

    B2B is part of SOA Suite in 11g so you need to install Oracle SOA Suite 11g to use Oracle B2B. B2B Console is a web application which gets installed as part of SOA Suite itself.

    You have to install Oracle B2B Document Editor separately.

    So in short, to use Oracle B2B 11g, you need to install below two -

    Oracle SOA Suite 11g
    Oracle B2B Document Editor 11g

    Please raise a thread in Oracle B2B forum to discuss it in detail -

  7. Hi

    We have Oracle SOA Suite 11g license, do we need to separate license for Oracle B2B Document Editor 11g?

  8. You need to buy EDI adapter license to use Oracle B2B Document Editor 11g.

    1. Hi

      Do you know how the EDI adapter license works? Do you have to pay for each processor where SOA Suite runs, or do you just pay for the use of the Document Editor?


    2. Hi,

      Please contact your local Oracle Sales representative to understand about EDI licensing. With one EDI adapter license, you get unlimited Document Editor developer license.

      In short, you may install as many copies of Oracle B2B Document Editor as you want, if you have EDI adapter license.

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  10. Thanks for providing the doc.


  11. Please provide doc related to B2B editor installation.


    1. STEP 1: Unzip all 3 zip files to different folders. ex.

      STEP 2: Copy the folder Standards from disk 2 and disk 3 to disk 1

      STEP 3:
      Open File ofm_doc_editor_win_11.1.1.5_disk1_1of3\Multisetup\MultisetupConfig.xml
      Copy the containing elements of from disk 2 and disk 3 \Multisetup\MultisetupConfig.xml to disk 1 under <PackageList...? (i.e same element)

      STEP 4: run install.exe from disk 1

  12. Hi Anuj,

    Thank you for the blog.

    Could you Please provide doc related to B2B editor installation.

    where should i get all these zip files to download ? Please help me out. Thank you .

  13. Hi Anuj,

    I have installed b2b doc editor following the stated steps.. but when I try to open the editor it shows Edifecs.SpecBuilder.Shell has stopped working

    Can you please help me out


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Hi Anuj,

    Can you provide B2B document editor for SOA Suite for 64Bit..I can see for 32bit are available

  16. Hi, iam using oracle soa in windows 64 bit,i need to work with b2b.
    so what i need to install additinally for B2B
    i think b2b doc editor which version is compatable for soa

  17. Hi Anuj,

    After installing all the components, when I am opening the Document Editor, I am getting error "Oracle Document Editor has stopped working". Under problem details, it shows
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: specbuilder.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03: 54b5c543

    Any help will be appreciated.


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